About Pointbreak Construction

Building you a home that is warmer, drier and more energy efficient

The average New Zealand home has been built to meet a minimum standard that is 20 years old. Here at Pointbreak, we believe that Kiwis deserve homes that are better. We create homes that are warmer, drier, more energy efficient, and better than other homes on the market.

Alongside that, we pay attention to how our building activities affect the environment. Because not all energy-efficient homes are environmentally conscious.

We help you build the house that suits your needs, and your budget. We can help you, whether you want a passive home or simply a stunning house that optimises use of free solar energy.

We are members of the Superhome Movement, New Zealand Green Building Council and are HomeStar® Practitioners. We hand-pick our subbies and designers that share our vision and can create the result you want.

When I moved to NZ, I was struck by the challenges that homes face from the environment. Coming from a warm climate with stable geography, I noticed the UV radiation, huge temperature variations (sometimes in a matter of minutes), large seasonal changes and occasional seismic events. I also noticed that all the rental properties I lived in, despite being brand new, were cold in winter with rivers of window condensation and the resulting huge power bills. Then in summer, they were so hot it was difficult to sleep. Finally, all the houses looked similar, with none of their owner’s personality or style.

That’s when Pointbreak was born. Everyday New Zealanders deserve more. Even making one decision to make your home more functional will reap benefits. Pointbreak can show you the options available and calculate the costs and benefits to each choice.

Our Values


Have you ever worried about what’s happening on your project when you’re not there? We do the right thing, even (especially) when no-one is there.


Do you want to hand over your dream to someone who is only there for the money? We are just as invested in your home as you are- the success of your project is the success of Pointbreak Construction. We take responsibility for everything we do, backed up by our 200+ point quality checklist.


Have you ever had poor communication that’s ended in a situation that could have been avoided? We have seen too many builders avoid challenging conversations about difficult decisions that need to be made. We will always have honest and clear conversations with you, even if they are tough. We also send you weekly updates on your project and respond to any queries within 24 hours.


Do you want a high-performance, beautiful home that will stand the test of time? We offer unique solutions to everyday problems by referring you to the best designer for your project. We are always looking for better ways to do things, to make your house and life better.

Love what you, do what you love

We love what we do and see problems as oppurtunities – besides that, building people’s dreams gives everyone at Pointbreak huge job satisfaction. And we believe it will be to your satisfaction too.

Quality over Quantity

We firmly believe value lies not in how much you have, but in the value of what you have. Therefore we pursue quality in everything we do – quality workmanship, quality materials and quality outcomes for quality clients