Do you want to live in a warm, dry, high-performance home?

If you are sick of living in a cold, damp home with condensation on the windows, or having a fan on all night long to sleep in summer, then a high-performance home is what you need. And it’s more accessible than you think.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you design and build a house that is pleasant to live in. To help you achieve those goals, we have aligned with architects that specialise in energy efficient homes.

Whatever level of Homestar rating you want, we can help you comply. Choose which health and performance benefits you want to see in your high-performance home, and we’ll create it for you.

How do you build a high-performance home?

There are an endless number of attributes and ways to build your high-performance home, but the basics include:

Choosing the right section

Rectangular sections with an east-west orientation are easy to work with, but most sections can be designed around to varying degrees.

Design for the sun

The sun’s direction and path changes from winter to summer. Taking this into account, the house should be designed to maximise the warmth in winter and minimise the heat in summer. Placement of windows, doors and the living area is important.

Minimising the effects of holes in the walls

Essentially, windows and doors are holes in the walls. Consider thermal-broken or uPVC joinery. Choose double or triple glazing with argon gas and low-E glass.

Making the building airtight

Losing warm air continuously means you’re having to re-heat your home. Even modern homes can lose 7-8 times an hour, resulting in massive power or firewood bills.

Maximising insulation

Up-spec your home insulation in the ceiling, walls and floor. It helps keep the heat where you want it to be, whether in or out depending on your climate.

Efficient ventilation

Damp air is harder to heat than dry air. That’s why homes need to be ventilated, to remove damp air and replace it with fresh air. This process needs to happen without cooling or heating your home too much.

Get your HomeStar rating

Apply for a HomeStar rating to validate your home’s energy efficiency and sustainability credentials.

Reasons to build a high-performance home

Better health

Your health is better if your home is warmer. With less mould and mildew, no lingering dampness and a more even temperature, you are less prone to illness. Children, especially those with asthma or allergies, can benefit from a high-performance home.

Money saving

Using the sun to heat your home when possible and retaining the heat helps to lessen power bills in winter. In summer, minimising the heating from the sun means little or no need for air-conditioning.

Better for the environment

Less heating means less power needs to be generated. Your eco-footprint is smaller, and the addition of solar panels helps lessen it further.


A fully insulated home with double or triple glazing is incredibly quiet. You can’t hear the noise from the street, and people outside can’t hear what’s happening inside.

Why choose Pointbreak Construction for your high-performance home?

If you want the benefits of a warmer, drier and quieter home, then you need to invest in it. This will probably be one of the largest financial and emotional investments you’ll make in your life. We want you to have the best possible outcome- on time, on budget and everything you dreamed of.

Fixed-priced guarantees

Once we’ve quoted your home, provided the scope doesn’t change, that price doesn’t change either. This gives you the certainty that your home will be built within your budget. If you do add or change something within the scope, we give an accurate estimate of price and obtain approval before proceeding. No surprises for you or your bank manager.


The weather and delays in supply can affect build dates. While we manage and minimise these as much as possible, whatever happens, you’ll be kept informed. We have an online project management system that incorporates changes and show the affects. This will be shared with you so you can continue your life and planning.


Every week, you get an update from us with photos, timelines, budgets, variations and any relevant information. This means you know what’s happening on site and remain involved the whole time. We believe that good communication creates good outcomes and will always answer our phones and return your calls.


We have a number of features in place that help to ensure the best quality workmanship and outcomes.

  • Your build will be managed by a Licensed Building Practitioner
  • Your home is covered by NZCB’s Halo 10-year residential guarantee
  • Our sub-contractors and construction partners are hand-picked for their attention to detail and quality of workmanship
  • We have a 200- point quality monitoring checklist process so that every step of your project is completed to the highest standard.
Pointbreak 5 Start Guarantee

We deliver what we promise

We say what we’ll do, and then we do what we said. We are honest with you because we care about your project. We want the best outcomes for everyone.

We offer you a free colour consultation with our interior designer, to help you choose the perfect shade for your home. Then, we have a dinner-party-ready builders clean at the end of your project so you can move in and start your new life without having to vacuum and dust every surface. Then, at the end of your defects period, our painter visits to complete any touch-ups required. This keeps your house looking newer for longer.

How we work with you

First contact

Make a booking for a free zero-obligation meeting. We will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire to give us more information before we sit down and discuss your dream.

Site visit

Meet with Martin on-site to discuss your ideas further. This is also where we can anticipate any challenges and opportunities for your project.

Design and estimate

You may have plans, or you may need help from us putting your dream on paper. We will arrange for a concept plan to be finalised that meets your needs and budget– which we can use to create a pre-liminary estimate. This is where you can make changes to the plans or we can re-look options to alter the contract price.

Fixed price guarantee

Once we have the final plans and price, we can provide you with a complete fixed price, guaranteed not to change (unless you move the goal posts…). You will also receive a full program and set of specifications.

Once this estimate has been accepted your plans can lodged with council for consent.

Contract and guarantee

Based on this price and set of plans we sign a comprehensive contract. We also provide you with the HALO 10 year Guarantee and our Pointbreak 5 Star Guarantee.


Your house starts to take shape during this very exciting stage of the project. We manage every aspect of the build and meet with you regularly to discuss progress. From sub-contractors to suppliers and council, we handle the whole process to bring you home on time and on budget.

Practical Completion and handover

On completion of your home, the local building consent authority will undertake a final inspection. This is an independent evaluation of your home and provides a Code Compliance Certificate ensuring your home is of the highest quality.

Pointbreak 5 Start Guarantee

Enjoy your new home with the peace of mind of the 10yr HALO guarantee

We will also arrange for a painter to come do touch ups for one day after you have moved in and a year later at the end of our defects period.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“Most builders want to just get in and out, but he takes pride in his workmanship and that of his guys. The joinery installers told me it was the straightest house they have worked in! I cannot recommend him highly enough, he answers his phone, sticks to his promises and does a great job.”

“Martin really cared”Joy Tarling | Mays Rd, Christchurch

“We have found Martin excellent to deal with. He is professional in his approach and his workmanship in all aspects of the build. Being an architectural home, Martin has had to interpret quite a lot as the plans often don’t show the required detail. He works well with his team of builders and other trades.

Martin has a wide building knowledge and can foresee issues before they arise.

I highly recommend Martin.”

“Martin foresaw issues before they arose”Garry Bond | Clyde Rd, Christchurch

“Martin helped us design and build the extension to our house. He listened carefully to what we wanted and got his designer to put our ideas on paper and added his own to save us money. Our work was finished on budget to a very high standard and we were never in doubt as to the status of our project – if we had any questions Martin answered them ASAP. I highly recommend anybody looking for builder to speak to Martin”

“On time, on budget and highly trustworthy”Lindy Moore | Slate Str, Rolleston

Get in touch now to turn your dreams into your reality

Book a meeting today to discuss your plans. Tell us where you are in the planning process- if you have plans, bring your architect along. If you don’t have plans, we can refer you to an architect experienced in high-performance homes. Wherever you are in the planning process, contact us to find out how we can help you.