Pointbreak 5 Start Guarantee

Pointbreak 5 Star Guarantee

Building Peace of Mind

Pointbreak Construction undertakes to manage your project professionally ensuring peace of mind to you, particularly in terms of:

Budget | Program | Quality | Communication


We provide a fixed price guarantee.

Once we have quoted the job we stick to our price. The only time our price will change, is if the scope changes. You may decide to add, change or remove something and we will always give you an accurate estimate of how this will impact the original budget AND get your approval before we proceed. This avoids any budget blow-outs since you will always know what the total project value is.


We will provide you with a program at the start of your project.

The program will be updated regularly – you will always know what is happening and where your project is at. Having this level of insight will enable you to plan your life and minimise surprises. We use online Programme Management Software that allows us to see how any changes will affect the remainder of the job, and we share this with you.


Communication forms the basis of all relationships. We foster a positive relationship with you by giving you access to your project 24/7 on our project management platform – BuilderTREND. Here you can see budget, program, variations, selections, photos and updates.


You will receive only the best quality workmanship in the completion of your contract. We achieve this through our 287 point Quality Monitoring process that ensures your project is completed to the highest standard, in the most efficient sequence achieving a consistent level of workmanship.

Our construction partners and sub-contractors are hand-picked, licensed tradies that we have worked with before, and your project will be overseen by a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Your peace of mind is ensured by NZCB’s Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee.

We will follow through on our promises

“Say what you do, and do what you say” – we will always be honest in our dealings with you – your project has as much value to us, as it means to you. We don’t create unrealistic expectations and false hope but honour our commitments.

You will also receive:

  • A commercial clean at the end of your project, ready for a dinner party
  • A free colour consultation with our interior designers
  • A visit by our painter at the end of your defects period to complete touch-ups to keep your house looking newer for longer